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 Midnight Club2

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PostSubject: Midnight Club2   Midnight Club2 Icon_minitimeWed Dec 12, 2007 12:20 pm

Midnight Club2
Midnight Club2 B00009N2FQ.03.LZZZZZZZ
While most PC driving games tend favor realistic simulation over arcade-style racing, the PC was also the birthplace of the popular Midtown Madness series, which featured real cars racing wildly through the open streets of real cities. The Midtown Madness series may have gone on to become an Xbox-only franchise, but the developer of the first two games in the series went on to create the similarly themed Midnight Club series, which is making its way to the PC for the first time with Midnight Club II. And while the PC version of the game can be fun on the right setup, it shows its console roots a little more than it should.

Screen Shots
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Midnight Club2 Pc_ps2_midnight2_e3_screen001
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hi chake kaisa hai maine teri site register ki hai
plzz tony hawk's ki koi games bhi links dhaall
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Midnight Club2
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